UW enrollments on the rise

This may be a good indication of how a post-pandemic student population is responding to some positive Covid 19 trends. https://fox11online.com/news/state/uw-system-application-process-changes-see-positive-results https://www.neweraonline.org/news/uw-enrollments-on-the-rise/

A unique perspective on the current worker shortage

This is a unique perspective on the surge in talent demand and the decision drivers for displaced workers as we come out of public health mandates due to Covid 19.  This is focused on Nevada’s tourism workforce, but it has lots of implications across the country, including here in Northeast Wisconsin https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/its-not-a-worker-shortage-its-a-worker-renaissance-in-a-post-pandemic-economy https://www.neweraonline.org/news/a-unique-perspective-on-the-current-worker-shortage/

An opinion piece that brings the skills gap ahead of the demand for talent

this opinion piece from Mayor Barret has a couple of nice – startling facts that show we’re right back to pre-pandemic workforce shortages, but his focus is on building skills.  It puts the emphasis on skills, skill building, education and training over that of the end result – filled jobs.  https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/solutions/2021/05/24/job-creation-only-part-solution-we-need-skills-training/5240190001/ https://www.neweraonline.org/news/an-opinion-piece-that-brings-the-skills-gap-ahead-of-the-demand-for-talent/

College, Interrupted: The Case for Going (Back) to School

this article in the Roanoke Times by Anna Helhoski has some great data on the impact of returning to college following a year out due to Covid. https://roanoke.com/business/investment/personal-finance/college-interrupted-the-case-for-going-back-to-school/article_386060ca-fce4-5d50-9560-26b1b14a3360.html https://www.neweraonline.org/news/college-interrupted-the-case-for-going-back-to-school/

UWO executive MBA faculty pair up with top business leaders for team teaching

The UWO master of business administration executive program prepares students for the workforce by offering several classes that feature a team teaching environment. Team teaching involves the pairing of top business executives with skilled faculty, providing a learning experience for students that combines theory and application.

Read more on UW Oshkosh Today.

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