Welcome to NEW ERA, a smarter way to harness the power of higher education in Northeast Wisconsin.

The Northeast Wisconsin Educational Resource Alliance (NEWERA) is defined by its collaborative operating model, gathering resources across 7 public colleges and universities and connecting them to regional partners to maximize talent, community and economic development in the New North Region (18 counties comprising Northeast Wisconsin).

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Advocating for Higher Education and Strong Communities.

Leadership is key to effective collaboration. Chancellors and Presidents from the Public Colleges and Universities of Northeast Wisconsin believe that working together is in their collective best interests; they share common concerns and institutional missions to advance student success and to build strength in their host communities.

Collaboration is a Team Sport, with lots of unique talents, network connections, and opportunities to leverage limited resources

NEWERA has dozens of important partners within and outside the world of education; these are critical to the important work of talent retention, development and recruitment within the region.