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Learn and Network: Attend NEW ERA's Sustainable Business Exchange

The Exchange will feature a breakfast meeting series on timely topics helping businesses and communities dig deeper into sustainability issues. Capitalize on the opportunity to share best practices, network, and develop new connections with the region's researchers, scientists and engineers in NEW ERA higher education institutions.

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Mark Jewell's Presentation: "The Art and Math of Selling Efficiency"
On behalf of the Energy Center of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Public Service
Wednesday, April 23  
7:30 - 9:00 am, Executive Dining Room, SC128
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, 2740 W. Mason Street, Green Bay

Participants will learn how...
1. Enhanced efficiency delivers three distinct categories of benefits that must be understood and expressed: utility-cost, non-utility-cost financial, and non-financial.
2. Reframing benefits so they can be measured with yardsticks the prospect is already using to measure his/her success helps you capture attention and get more projects approved.
3. Investing time up front creating 15-second "elevator pitches," one-page proposals, and onepage financial summaries using the proper metrics accelerates decision-making and stacks the deck in favor of project approvals.

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